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About Me...

I live in the out skirts of London and have been online searching to make money since what 2012 and wow what a journey it has been, both good and bad of course, I have learned so so much along the way and even found a love for all things personal development and women empowerment!


Looking back tho I had always wanted to start my own blog, I love to write (when I get a chance) and wanted to build a community, start a movement and impact the world along with other amazing women that have been through mental health or still are and would love the support and guidance that an inspiring community like this can give them.

I have recently started to create online digital products and so The Mental Mum Academy of Knowledge was born and I look forward to adding more in the future. 

I am looking to build a team too so if you think we would be a fab fit then do contact me and will see how you can get involved! 

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