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Presenting the "How To Upcycle Your Life In a Year" Create Your Own Calendar Course with workbook (digital & printable) and a physical journal you can purchase via Amazon.

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Module One: Mindset

In this module I speak about the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. I also take you through a short meditation.

Module Two: Planning

In this module we start to mindmap your new habits and goals ideas and allocate them to a specific month.

Module Three: Canva Tutorial

This module is all in Canva,  we go into my account and I share with you my calendar and I show you how to create your own. It is a very simple drag and drop.

Module Four: Recording My Journey

In this module I explain to you Why you need to record your year journey and take you through the various recording options. 

Module Five: Printing My Calendar

In this module we speak about the different ways you can print your calendar and where to put it in your house.

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With your mini video course you will get a 27 page course workbook with space for notes as well as worksheets and a habits tracker to help keep you on track. You have the option to either print out your workbook [which I recommend] or a digital version for all you tech lovers!

In module 4 we go over the options of recording your year journey, I done a podcast my first year but this year I wanted to journal my journey so I decided to create my own journal  personally for this calendar and it is available for you to buy on Amazon for £9.99.

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Once you sign up you can request to join our private Facebook group for you to share your creations, meet like minded mums and inspire each other while you all take this journey together!
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What your finished calendar will look like...


Invest in yourself and create your best year yet and from now on make it a new habit like me... You won't regret it so do it Now!

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