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Choose Love Not War

Are we on the brink of world war 3? That's the question everyone is asking and many people are extremely worried about. Where it stands today while I'm writing this post is.... the tanks have rolled in! Yes despite president Biden reaching out trying to discourage the invasion president Putin invaded anyway. I can't say I'm surprised Putin will do what he likes when he likes and is totally out of control! How he is a president of a country is beyond me, his just a power hungry Hitler wanna be and that is what scares me.

People like him need putting down, we don't need men like him to be in power, he has no empathy what so ever and only cares about himself and what he can get out of people! Yes I am ranting coz it makes my blood boil. Yes I'm not naive enough to say war is totally unnecessary but that depends if the reasons for war is big enough and absolutely essential.

Why Is Russia Invading The Ukraine?

So the question I am asking is Why? And I didn't actually know the answer to this question so I had to do my research and find out for myself. And what I found was that Russia and the Ukraine have been at logger heads since March 2014!

President Putin maintains that Ukraine is fundamentally part of Russian civilisation, both culturally and historically, and has questioned whether it is even a real country? Really!

He then goes on to say...

He sees Russian dominance of Ukraine as fundamental to Russian security. The wider context is that the crisis is a challenge to what he views as an unfair agreement imposed on Russia at the end of the Cold War.

He views Nato’s expansion towards Russia as an existential threat and claims Moscow’s military movements are a response to Ukraine’s growing ties to the alliance and hopes that via this crisis he can push back. Asserting power over Ukraine is part of his push to affirm Russia’s place among world powers, including the US and China.

In my opinion Putin has clearly been planning this since before Covid and is basically hitting us while our economy is in recovery! He can not sit down like an adult and come to a fair solution? No coz he hasn't changed his ways up until now so why would he?

So lets look at the journey a little closer....

So as you can see its been going on for over a decade! There is speculation that if Trump was still the US president, Putin wouldn't of gone ahead with the invasion as they were friends but I'm not so sure? Putin will do what he wants regardless! Yes I have a huge dislike to the man as you can tell but Iv watched BBC's Stacey Dooley Investigates: Russia's War on Women.

But then I found this video on YouTube that explains so much more....

"The story of the Ukraine-Russia crisis does not begin in 2021, or 2014, It begins in the 9th century. There was a time when the two countries were one. There was a time when Ukraine gave its nuclear arsenal to Russia. Palki Sharma Upadhyay will tell you why Putin wants Ukraine".

So as I come to the end of writing this blog post Putin has invaded the Ukraine and is threatening anyone that aids them will be targeted also. Many countries such as... Japan, Australia, US and others do not agree with what Putin is doing and the only supporters Putin has is China (not surprised their).

I'm just gunna go ahead and say it..... Don't you think its a little bit of a Coincidence that Covid 19 came from China and now the world is kinda starting to live with it, Putin decided's to invade the Ukraine? I mean why now? And their allies too! I just think its a massive shit show they have been demising together but hey that's my opinion! I'd love to know what you think?

What Now?

Well as it stands many people have evacuated the Ukraine, they are now in marshal law and all men 18 - 60 have to stay behind and fight while the women and children find safety. I'm in disbelief as I write this post, I never thought I would be around to experience anything like this and I pray it doesn't get as bad as Hitler! I see a video of a Russian airplane letting off a missile and kids were screaming I mean honestly what sort of human being would be ok with killing innocent people especially children!

Its Hitler all over again, I bloody called it years ago and I'm a great judge of character, he needs to be stopped and locked up, he is nothing but a sick narcissistic pathetic excuse of a man. He will be the falling of Russia it will be a much better place without him in power!! Many Russians disagree with what Putin is doing and he clearly don't have any intention of listening to his own people.

There are serious meetings going on so next steps will be discussed and will no doubt have more breaking news! We again have unpredictable times ahead of us, but standing up for whats right is what we need to do I just wish it didn't have to come at the cost of innocent lives. I mean how scary it must be for Ukrainians right now we can only imagine and I just feel so useless! My f**king anxiety is through the roof right now and I'm in the UK.

What I am sure of is it gets worse and Putin does not back down then the UK will get involved coz that's just who we are, but many countries will be right behind us offering their support and services too. I am confident Putin will be brought to justice.

The Amazing Ukraine

The one place that is on my bucket list is Chernobyl where the nuclear disaster happened in 1986 considered the worst nuclear disaster in history both in cost and casualties. Their are many amazing places to visit in Ukraine!

This beautiful country is now being destroyed city by city. Its heartbreaking! Putin won't darken our spirits we will be their to build Ukraine back to its former beauty. Their are many people helping and it helps we have social media now we can all communicate so easily and raise money which is what I'm doing too just like many people coz I hate feeling useless so please give as much as you can it all helps!

Lets Not Forget... The Beauty Of Russia

Although Putin is the president of Russia we need to remember it is not the Russian people who are doing this! Yes he has his army and yes they too are Russian but what I'm saying is the everyday people of Russia do not support Putin and his actions, in fact they are prisoners in their own country!

Did you know Russia is the biggest county in the world? Well I knew it was big but I didn't realise its the biggest! And Putin wants more! What a greedy b**tard! Anyway no more of that, I wanted to remind you of the beauty of the country and that its there leader and his posy that are ugly!

There is so much culture to see it has incredible mountains, beaches, deserts, ethnic villages, spectacular volcanoes and glaciers, making it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I personally would love to visit The Temple of All Religions aka the Universal Temple is a unique architectural complex in the Staroye Arakchino Microdistrict of Kazan. It consists of several types of religious architecture including an Orthodox church, a mosque, and a synagogue, among others. Their architecture is like no other and just truly beautiful.

Last Words...

All we can do now is pray and hope that it ends soon so no more innocent people are hurt and the people of Ukraine can start to rebuild their lives! Every time I think about it I cry! I just don't get Putin and I certainly do not trust him so who knows when it will end? I think with someone like him theirs no talking them out of anything so whats needed is to put him down!

It just don't feel right to be going about our usual everyday life does it, while something so horrifying is going on in the Ukraine it really don't and I actually feel bad for getting on with it! I have a very high empathy level in which I can literally feel peoples pain as if I am them, its really intense and hard to deal with but I think it makes me the caring, helpful, strong & determined person I am today.

After what the whole world has been through with the Covid 19 pandemic and now this peoples mental health is going to be at an all time high so if you are struggling please know their are people that can help. Don't suffer in silence! Their are so many of us that are caring and loving, we need to come together United! #chooselovenotwar

That’s all from me today, until next week...

Remember to Keep Smiling & Laugh a little Every day!

Your Mental Mum...

If you would like to join The Mental Mum Community were you can find support, helpful advice and learn something new, we would love to have you!

Ps, Please pray for the Ukrainians and donate what you can! #Chooselovenotwar

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