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International Women's Day: Real Life Stories!

So it was International Women's Day last Tuesday 8th March. But what do we actually know about this day dedicated to women?

International Women's Day is a world wide day celebrating the cultural, economic, social and political achievements of women. This day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Massive action has been taken worldwide as various groups come together to celebrate women's achievements and rally for women's equality! Every year International Women's Day (IWD) is one of the most important days of the year to:

  • Celebrate the achievements of women

  • To raise awareness on the equality of women

  • Support for faster gender parity

  • Help fundraise for women focused charities

The theme for this years International Women's Day is... #BreaktheBias

Our Queen Elisabeth

Now in my eyes the most strong and inspiring women on the planet today is our beautiful Queen Elisabeth! So that's why I'm astonished that gender equality is still an issue as we have a women, our queen in charge of our country! This remarkable women has been on the throne for like over 70 years which makes her the longest-serving monarch in history! Wow what an achievement.

Queen Elisabeth is a whopping 95 years old at the time I'm writing this post, she has been a huge part of so many points of history and is still here to tell her tale. Now when I was much younger I was very nieve and had no idea how much the Queen has actually been through over the years... until I watched the Crown on Netflix.

Since then I have so much respect and empathy for her and what she has had to take on in her life! But I really do think should I not of learnt about our monarch at school? Then I would of had a much better understanding of the hard decisions and sacrifices our Queen has had to make over the decades. Many times she has made a the hard decision of choosing the monarchy over everything and everyone else.

The Suffragettes Story

Now again I never knew about the story of the suffragette women until well in my 20's and I think its something us girls should of been made aware of in school.

Such a sad but inspiring story of fearless women who gave all their fight even their lives into the right for women to vote! I watched the film and what has always stayed with me is how strong they were and no matter what they took any punishment and stood up for what they believed in.

If you have not seen The Suffragettes film then I highly recommend it, but if your anything like me have the tissues at the ready!

Women over the years have come a long way in the sense of respect. Us mums are no longer just housewives we too pursue careers and even start our own business as well as juggling home life and some of us even do it as single mums, I mean when you of it like that we are incredible human beings right?

The Women Of Ukraine

The invasion of the Ukraine is horrifying, I did a post on the invasion last week if you would like to check that out. Watching the news in the morning and hearing Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik has sent an International Women’s Day message to her compatriots...

Congratulating the “incredible” women of her country who are “standing up and fighting”.This year, she said, Ukrainian women will be “carrying guns” as well as flowers on International Women’s Day, to “protect our country along with our men from Putin”.She praised the “incredible” Ukrainian women. “Because of you, we will win,” she said.

These women are incredibly brave and so fearless they remind me somewhat of the suffragette women. We have the fight in us and the courage to go with it and I think Putin has seriously underestimated the Ukrainian's especially the women!

Poet Nikita Gill wrote:

“Women that believe in each other can survive anything. Women who believe in each other create armies that will win kingdoms and wars.”

I totally agree with this statement and I believe if more women that believed in each other run the world then we would have no wars, but wouldn't take no bullshit either! We certainly wouldn't let a tyrant like Putin rule a country for over 20 years like he has. As Beyonce would say... "Who runs the world, girls!".

Now moving on I am going to share with you some incredible women I have come to know and some I have had the pleasure to work with, Iv even helped a few of them as they have also helped me. These women are like me and love to empower, inspire and believe in other women, coz that's how it should be right!

Shaylie Skjervem - Crypto Queen!

So this gorgeous lady is Shay girlfriend to Brendan who I become friends with years ago when we were both menbers of a crypto platform called Bitconnect. We stayed friends over the years so I naturally become good friends with his better half! Here she shares her crypto journey with Brendan!! (It's a bit of a read) Here's their incredible story:

In 2017 Bren and I had hit rock bottom for the first time after his mom passed away from cancer. All we had was our clothes, a few belongings and his little Honda Civic Si. We stayed about 4 days in a sketchy motel. We had probably $400 between the both of us in our bank accounts just to buy us a place to stay and food. I tried making the experience fun and let Bren know that we would never be this low again. We searched for a small apartment for us around Raleigh, North Carolina and viewed a handful of places to live.

We came across a beautiful apartment in a great location. I took out my savings from when I was younger and purchased our first apartment. We were beyond happy and grateful to move into a new fresh home together. We moved in with nothing but a blowup mattress, our clothes and some toiletries.

My family was super supportive and sent us money to buy kitchen utensils, dish set and food. Then my mom sent us reclining lawn chairs which we used as chairs in our living room, a ottoman and a vacuum. Which to this day we are still thankful for. We both started saving up enough money to buy a new bed, which was needed! There is nothing worse than waking up with the air mattress deflated every morning. Then we got a real couch and a dining room table with chairs. Here's what it looked like in our first apartment.

Our paychecks combined we were just able to afford our $1000 rent a month plus $300 in utilities. We didn't have much to spend on fun things to do or things we wanted for our place. We both were SICK of the 9-5 job and it wasn't getting us anywhere! Just living paycheck to paycheck was not our cup of tea and hated what we did for a living. Bren was looking up online, "How to make money from home." He came across Bitcoin on some ad on Facebook & was intrigued. So he did some research on this digital cryptocurrency & had a really good feeling about it. So he ended up charging $1200 on his credit card & took the risk! It was the first time we ever invested in anything! lol We ended up getting into a bitcoin trading company and started making some good the beginning.

Ended up scamming us, but at least we made our investment back and started to invest into some other coins along the way. We learned from it and began to do some more research on how to earn more bitcoin. We started doing online marketing and started building our portfolio and began seeing serious results, which ended up helping us make more than what we were making at our 9-5 grind.

In 2018 we both started the Crypto Influence journey & quit our 9-5 jobs!! We were so excited and nervous, but we know we could do this full time. We saved up enough money and got out of Raleigh (thank goodness!!) and we moved 2 hours to the beach into a 2 bedroom apartment with our black bombay kitty, Bear. We were living the beach life for a few months which was a great time, until we got news that a Hurricane was headed our way. Bren and I had already planned a trip back home to North Dakota as the Hurricane was already on its way and there was nothing we could do.

We had no updates about how our place was when we were gone. The streets were flooded and we weren't able to get back to our apartment for at least a week or 2. We got a call from our landlord saying we need to come back to our place asap to get our stuff so they could fix the damage. We got there and it was another HUGE nightmare.. All our hard work of saving up to buy furniture items and new things were destroyed. All we could save was our clothes and a few sentimental items.

We stayed with Bren's step-dad's until we could get back on our feet which we are very grateful for him taking us in when we were down and out once again. This only drove up harder to making this lifestyle a reality to live back on our own terms and start traveling. So we were back to where we started, but not as bad. I told Bren we should look into getting a camper since we don't have many belongings. He thought I was a bit crazy. We ended up getting a cheap camper and fixed it up which Fema helped us buy for only $2,200. It was a piece of sh*t, but we fixed it up and made it our little home. It was different, but we actually fell in love with the place and being able to live a more minimal lifestyle, cost of living was very low & we can have the freedom lifestyle that we wanted! It ended up being a blessing in a disguise.

We moved back to the beach and continued our crypto journey helping others in the crypto space. We took our first trip together across the pond to Tenerife, Spain and later a trip to Arizona for Christmas, doing what we do best.. Making it an adventure! After a year of saving up crypto profits in 2019 we sold our fixer upper and upgraded to a 2020 Coachman Spirit Travel Trailer. The feeling of having a nice place again was very rewarding. We traveled to Barcelona, Spain and I tell you, that place is unbelievably beautiful with a ton of history, great places to eat and many things to do. I highly recommend putting it on ur bucket list. Then later that year we took a trip to Key West, Florida, which then again another top place of ours that we really loved & the best part was that we live full-time on crypto & everything we buy is because of Bren investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 2020 came and we talked about wanting to travel the United States with our camper so we were on the hunt for a pickup to pull the camper. Bren had always wanted a GMC Denali so we found a BEAUTIFUL 2018 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali and took it home with us. We also sold his first vehicle a 2015 Honda Civic SI. He was a bit sad leaving the car we had a lot of history and experiences in but it was for the best, like come on its his dream truck! We had to get it.

About a week from us about to leave our campsite in Hubert, North Carolina, there were friends who convinced us to stay. Guess it wasn't the right time to leave for us. We made a trip up to North Dakota again and drove 24 hours there in the truck to spend time with my family, which they got to meet Bear for the first time. We had a great journey in ND and when we got back, we moved to another campground and upgraded to a Tiny Home. We also built a 8x8 shed building, laid gravel around the place, and bought decor to make the place feel like home.

In 2021 we got the opportunity to get an all exclusive free trip to Cancun with a Gold & Silver company. We diversify our investments like everyone should. I had received news that my dad was diagnosed with cancer during the summer so again packed up a bunch of clothes, bear and of course our jet-ski and drove back to North Dakota to help my dad. During the 3 months we were there Bren experienced the farm life. We raised 28 chickens and 6 ducks, 4 kittens and planted a huge vegetable garden with my dad. I drove my dad an hour to his appointments and back 5 times a week for about 8 weeks. We spent time at a small lake in Minnesota with my mom and step dad.

We enjoyed most of our time on the pontoon, jetski or relaxing on floaties in the water. Since we were back in the summer I was able to get back in a racecar for the weekend and relive the experience. We worked our way back home and stopped in Wisconsin Dells, our favorite place! Did some adventuring and made it back home. For Thanksgiving we booked a trip to Vegas & Arizona <- click there to watch our trip!

Though the past 4 years we have been helping people who are in the situation we were in and get out to become financially free and live life to the fullest and how you would like to enjoy your life. We have built a great team and amazing following by showing people that things do get better as long as you keep trying even though you end up failing a few times. The ones that become successful in life are the ones that have failed the most, so keep going, keep embarking on your lifestyle that you believe you deserve and make as many memories with the ones you love!

We are so thankful for all the hard times we have been though to make us that much stronger and to push hard to make the best times we have ever had. I tell everyone, If we were able to do it, ANYONE can!!

What an amazing story and that is just the beginning! Wow! These guys are just a power couple I love them both very much and wiv not even met yet! I will be getting back into crypto soon and maybe even a crypto blog but whatever happens I know I will work with them again! If you would like to work with them you can follow their journey and connect with them via Instagram....

Brendan: crypto_bren

Shaylie: shaylieskjervem

Krystal Hamilton: Mum Blogger/Life Coach

Krystal is a fellow mum blogger I found in a Facebook blogging group if I remember rightly? I reached out to her coz I liked the look of her blog and wanted to connect with other mum bloggers as being an entrepreneur can be pretty lonely and we can relate and help each other. Well she is lives down under in one of the most beautiful countries New Zealand so at first we had to get our head around the time zones but finally connected viz zoom and we have been friends ever since! Here Krystal shares her blogging journey...

I always loved writing! From primary school I was always writing stories and wanted to be an author. I became a teacher when I left school and writing was always one of my fav subjects to teach. After having my 3rd wild child I really wanted to pursue a career that I was passionate about and meant I could stay home and be a mum too. I love being a Mum so much. Its hard but its the best job in the world.

So I write about our adventures, challenges and some of the solutions we have created to help our lives run more smoothly as a family of 5! Because 3 kids under 5 at one stage was pretty tough! I suffered anxiety after my first baby and burnout-extreme exhaustion after number 3. Something (well lots of things) had to change so I could enjoy being a mum again. I became interested in psychology, mindset and nutrition. Studied to be a life coach and used every piece of new knowledge to transform not just my life but my family's too. It's a constant work in progress!

I worked out there are so many simple things we can do every day to make life so much easier.... If not amazing!! I no longer suffer anxiety, I'm no longer stressed and overwhelmed by life as a mum and I love to share what we've done with others mums so they can enjoy mum life too! It's been challenging but so much fun! I've been very lucky to have a supportive and encouraging husband who has helped push me past some challenging roadblocks. But without risk there is no reward and I've really had to step out of vulnerability time and time again to get through to the next stage of my blogging career!

And the best part about it all is that my children have watched the whole process! I believe that we are meant to pursue our passions. And use what we are strong at to serve others. My mission is to support other mums from all walks of life, and encourage them to live well, bigger and better with their families too!

There's so much more to life than being stuck in the crazy whirl wind of being a mum. And it is possible to step off the hamster wheel to create time and presence with your kids! So 3 years in, with a 9 Yr old, 7 Yr old and a 4 year old a cat, a dog and a husband...

I'm still writing, still creating and stepping in and out of teaching when I'm needed! It's busy, there's no denying that... But we love it! We own our busy and embrace it! Trying to grow my followers so I can share what I know in hope that I can help more families do what we've done!

Check out Krystal's Blog >>>


Join here Facebook group >>> Mum Juggle Solutions- Own Your Busy

Wendy Wright: Own Wax Melts Business

I have known Wendy for a long time were talking like over 20 years, I am her oldest daughters godmother! She has a big family and is even a Nan like me to a handsome grandson!

So when she told me she was starting her own business "Melts You like", I was very excited for her and wanted to help. I just guided her, Wendy is the one that done all the hard work making and testing the melts and establishing a customer base.

She is only at the beginning of her business journey but I feel she still has a story to tell as she has been through so much recently she shows how strong us women really can be in turning such a sad situation into something beautiful. So here is her short story in her words....

Why I wanted to start my own business was to help my independence and to build a future for my children, losing my mum in June last year made me realise I need to do something with my life and so I did!

I was sick of buying wax melts that are to strong or not strong enough so I love melts and I thought why not turn what I love into a business? Yes it is going slowly but I’m enjoying learning as I go. I may not have the greatest packaging but what u get with it is a personal touch of love and care.

This year I will not be doing a mother's day melt sale as it’s my 1st year without my mum so I'm just gonna have the day with my children.

You can follow Wendy on Tictok: wendywoowoo9

And join her Facebook group where you can also buy some melts: Meltsyoulike

Kelli Verbosh: Crypto Trader/Investor & Coach

This lovely lady I have known for a few years, I met in a network marketing company that we were both in at the time. Kelli then went on to bigger things and this is her story...

Kelli is a busy mom to 3 beautiful girls, including twins. Former career woman turned Stay At Home Mom + Social Selling Entrepreneur + Brand Clarity Coach + Confidence Builder + Trader/Investor and let's not forget Brain Tumor patient and survivor... and that's really where her story began.

In her own words... Let me share a little more about what happened when I made the decision to leave my job and stay home with my twins. The thought of becoming a stay-at-home-mom sounded wonderful. But truth is...the early days of it were hard. Don’t get me wrong, I felt blessed to have the opportunity to be at home but something else happened that I wasn’t expecting...

A loss of my self-worth. A loss of feeling important. A loss of feeling valuable. A loss of my identity. I was no longer a career woman. I was just a mom and a housewife. It crushed my spirit if I’m being honest. Can you relate to this? But with having twin just didn’t make sense for me to work and pay for double daycare. I loved being present and not missing all of those important milestones in my kids lives but...

The toughest part for me was not creating my own income. Not getting paid. Not being able to buy the things I wanted. My parents raised me to be very independent so when I had to depend on someone else for money, it never sat right with me. It just didn’t feel good to me. I was always a hard worker and being a contributor was important to me.

Then I began to worry my girls would only see my strengths as being really good at doing dishes and laundry. I wanted to be a better role model to them and FOR them...and to show them that they can be “creators” and not just “consumers”. When I started in social selling, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing but I saw an opportunity and just ran with it... ignorance on fire. I made mistakes. I learned a lot. I failed. I got back up again. I learned more. I sharpened skills. I hired mentors and coaches.

I’ve had many wins and I’ve been able to help a lot of other women and moms who are just like me through everything that I have learned and experienced. And the learning never stops... God gave me an open mind...and an entrepreneurial mind... He gave me the ability to think for myself and live my life unapologetically. It wasn’t always that way though but I’m blessed that He gave me these gifts and that I was able to dig deep to uncover them.

Most of my new perspective on life happened after being diagnosed with a brain tumor and having surgery that left several complications. I felt as though I was given a second chance to become a better version of me. It takes work. Mindset work. Personal development. And of course surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded. While social media can be a negative space and an energy killer for many has not been that for me. It’s been a place where I found my tribe.

A place to create impact and be a positive light. A place where I can build value in myself and what I have to offer to help bring purpose and passion to other mom's who lost themselves along the way. A place of opportunity where I can create multiple income streams for my family and help other families. Many families are looking for ways to create more money flow. Recently, I started learning how to invest and grow our money. This has been a powerful lesson for me after years of selling products online.

Making our money make more money is what I have been focused on this year. In fact, I’ve been learning how to trade in the financial markets which is something I strongly believe more women should learn. It’s a skill that will pay you for life. Trading, crypto, NFT’s...these are all ways to grow your money and it doesn’t have to be intimidating to women. While most women looking for more income turn to direct-selling and MLM’s, they are overlooking what I believe is the fastest and most lucrative way to grow your money.

I’m walking proof that if you take a little time to learn a new skill, money will never be an issue. The world is changing. I believe there is more opportunity coming than we could ever imagine. And it’s important to be positioned for it. No matter what you have done, where you have been, or what you’re doing right’s never too late to course correct to move forward and achieve all of your dreams.

Wow what another incredibly inspiring story from Kelli! If you would like to work with her and learn from her then here are the ways you can do that...

Facebook: Kelli Verbosh

Instagram: kelli_verbosh

Linktree: Kelliverbosh

Theadora Selma Roberts-Tucker: Clothing Biz & Investor

I have not known Theadora for long, I found her inspiring investment story on Facebook so I commented and we got talking. Little did I know she had a bigger story to tell...

I've been through a lot in my life sexually abused my two of my cousins and one of my cousins friends from the age of 4-13. They stole everything from me. My childhood, my innocence, my confidence, my hope my whole life.

I attempted suicide at the age of 16 I finally had a breakthrough in counselling that made me remember what they did to me. You see a traumatic brain does something amazing it shuts down and blocks the trauma to protect you. Only problem is that trauma can be triggered and brought to the surface again.

I survived that.... I went on to get an Associates in Applied Sciences as a paralegal. Then I wanted more for myself. I had started a long distance relationship and it was pretty sweet. Until I decided to move all the way to Minneapolis Minnesota from my small town of Gillett, WI to attend Law School in St. Paul. I moved in with him. At first he was the sweetest guy then I honestly don't know what happened. He started using me as a punching bag. For ten years I was his punching bag he had broke every bone in my body once, gave me three concussions, choked me out three times maybe more I honestly don't remember. Fractured my eye socket and my jaw. He belittled me into thinking I was worthless, useless, waste of space.

I survived that..... I started drinking to be able to fall asleep while I was in School because after I was smacked around I would study. But could never sleep because I was afraid of what would happen. But then I also quickly realised that if I was passed out he wouldn't beat me. Two shooters of vodka did it for a long time the two turned to three turned to a half pint then a pint then a half litre than a litre. I was a functioning alcoholic who drank a litre of vodka a day.

I survived that.... I sobered up got out of the relationship came home only to have a million medical problems arise. Kidney stones, blood disorder, gall stones. Through all the broken bones I didn't become addicted to the pain medicine they gave me because I wouldn't take it for fear I would become addicted. I didn't form that addiction until after 4 procedures to get rid of the kidney stones, passing multiple kidney stones and believe me when I say I would rather give birth 100 times than pass kidney stones it is more painful than child birth and after having my spleen removed.

I survived that..... I've been through a lot of traumatic things I didn't even mention what was done to me on grade school/ high school by my fellow students. I also didn't mention the verbal and psychological abuse I received at home as a child. The three other suicide attempts and the four near death overdoses. We all have trauma, pain, fears, regrets. It's what we choose to do with those things that makes us who we are. 6 years ago today March 8 I chose to take back my life.

I got into an opiate addiction medication assisted treatment program and took my life back. I haven't touched any opiates in 5 years and 11 months and two weeks of that time because I had to have a procedure on my knee and the doctors put me on pain pills to help manage however it didn't work so I quickly took myself off of them.

I survived..... Now please don't give me this well my life was different what happened to me was different. It doesn't matter what happens what matters is what you choose to do with what happened that matters most. I started my business Indigenous Threads and Beauty because I needed something for myself I needed something that was mine.

I have struggled yes but if I had quit the first sign of chaos I would have just added to my depression and fears. I don't fear failure I live off of it because like my great grandma always used to say if you don't fail at least ten times a day your not living life right.

So I challenge you today count how many times you fail and don't give up. Baby steps!!

I am truly grateful to Karly Leeder for this opportunity to share my story.

Wow what a story of courage and resilience, I mean this lady is a warrior for sure and clearly is on this plant for a bigger reason! And it don't end their, she has a story to share about her investment journey so read on...

Powerful is an understatement!!!

I'm one badass successful mom of two amazing little humans.

How did I become successful?

I took a risk yes I lost quite a bit in the process but you win some and you loose some if your not willing to try then what's the point in living.

I'm a survivor a warrior.

I survived some of the worst things known to man kind childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse. I survived being ridiculed on a daily basis only to come out stronger and wiser and more vigilant of my circumstances.

I took a leap of faith October 17, 2020 I invested $732 turned it into $275,000.00 then lost $150,000.00 was I pissed hell yea I was pissed I was furious like how the hell could someone steal that much from me? I had only $125,000 left then I turned that into $170,000.00 in a short amount of time.

I started from scratch again. I have been in this platform since January of 2021 so over 365 days and it's straight up legitimate I didn't want to promote or push something that could ultimately end up taking my friends and families money but now after being in it for a year I can honestly say it's worth it.

I am on track to be a millionaire by July of 2022 now that's what I call powerful the willingness to invest in my future and stick with it. Never in a million years did I imagine that this girl from a small town would say she was a millionaire.

Don't ever doubt yourself.

Don't second guess situations that can make your life so much easier and better.

Walk out on that edge. Take the plunge. Risks are what make life interesting. If your not willing to take them what are you really living for.

Take $300 out of your tax refund and instead of buying something that doesn't hold value invest in yourself. Make life worth living again.

Now that's POWERFUL!

Hell yea that's powerful! I know me and my brother will be adding this one to our investment portfolio for sure! I mean yea she lost a lot of money but she never gave up and is now on her way to being a millionaire very soon. And what her great grandma used to say "if you don't fail at least ten times a day your not living life right" I completely agree. We have always been told or lead to believe failing is a bad thing,but in fact if your failing then it means you are growing and learning as long as you keep going!

If you would like to work with Theadora or buy from her then these are the ways you can get in contact...

Facebook biz page: Indigenous Threads

Instagram: thea_indigenousbeauty

TicTok: thea_indigenousbeauty Investment platform: Hyperverse - add link later!!!! <<<<<<

Jo Farrell: The Body Shop Biz

I know Jo through Facebook, I bought some wrinkle cream from her which fyi is amazing!! Here is her story...

Hi ya my name is Jo and I'm going to tell you a little bit about me and my current journey after suffering with mental health most of my life. I started my business with The Bodyshop at home just over 2 years ago. I wanted to earn a little bit of pocket money and to keep myself busy.

My children are growing up and both at school so suffering with mental health and anxiety meant sitting at home while the kids were at school gave me too much time to think, if you are a fellow sufferer then you will know that it's a downward spiral from there. I had low self esteem, no confidence and hated the way I looked and the women I was becoming.

My Bodyshop journey has turned that all around, the support I get from my fellow colleges/friends is second to none. They believed in me when I didn't.

We have two motos

1. Flyers equals family (that's our region name)

2. Borrow my ball of belief until you have your own.

I never thought for 1 second that I could make a business out of this it was just to occupy my mind. However within 9 months I went from strength to strength, I started believing in me and that I could be good at this and become an Area manager with my own team of ladies .

My line manager helped and guided me the whole way and I practised everything she taught me. I was going live and didn't care who see me or what people was thinking anymore (something I swore blind from the beginning I would categorically never ever do). I had a new found confidence that I never even knew was there.

The best part about this job now is that I am helping ladies like myself to do the same and watching them grow is priceless. Who would have ever thought that starting your own business could bring so much joy. My mental health has always been a concern and a worry for me and my family but I'm now better than I have been in such a long time.

I have my set backs as we all do but I have a purpose in life and I want to live my life the best I can. I want to show people that we can push through it and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Never ever be afraid to ask for help or reach out and talk as when we say out loud the things that are going on in our head we even realise ourselves how silly it sounds.

Believe in you and love yourself, self-love and self-care is so important!

Wow another inspiring journey of being a better version of oneself and just pure determination for living a better life, a life on our terms that we have crafted for ourselves.

Here is Jo's contact info for you to connect with her and check our the products she has to offer...

Facebook profile: Jo Farrell

Facebook group: Let your skin glow

Instagram: let_your_skin_glow

Victoria Bond: Coach, psychic medium & mumpreneur

So I found Victoria again.. you guessed it, on Facebook, I am training to be a life coach and not sure what type yet but I am interested in being a spiritual coach so reached out to her.

I look forward to getting to know her better and possibly working with her in the future. Here is her journey to success...

Victoria Bond is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, psychic medium, entrepreneur and Mumma of 2 Victoria went from burnt out and broke to thriving in a multiple 6 figure business within just 3 years. Tuning into her gifts as a medium, she now teaches her programs world wide and helps others awaken into their superpowers so they can get paid for their gifts too.

After suffering from a deep depression following the birth of my second child, CJ, I realised I’d been stifling my own gifts for too long. I shared my Great Grandma’s abilities as an Intuitive Medium, I could see energy and spirit, but was encouraged to ignore that side of me as a child.

Growing up as the eldest of 5 children, I ended up stuck in the shadows of other people’s mistaken beliefs. There is freedom to be felt in allowing your gifts to shine through. Making the decision to embrace who I am and what I have to give gave me the purpose I craved. Helping you find your own path, discover your gifts, and lead a life of joy and abundance, that’s my purpose. Helping others to discover a life that they love; one that feels meaningful and fulfilling, one that brings financial success and limitless rewards, is my gift! I'm here to help you activate YOUR GIFTS, own YOUR POWER and create a ripple effect of change in the world.

Wow, what a high energy story to end on! If you would like to connect with Victoria or work with her then here is how...

Facebook group: Holistic Energy Shifting

Spotify: Release Your Blocks the Podcast

Last Words...

First of all... what a group of powerhouse women, I mean WOW I'm super inspired and so blessed to be in contact with each of them and so grateful to them all for being so vulnerable and sharing their incredible stories. I am truly honoured!

I think we have come a long way throughout history and its become apparent that society has become more accepting of women taking the lead and bring home the bacon. Gone are the days of women being glued to the kitchen sink with a baby latched onto her breast and a toddler hanging off her leg!

Yes their are still some companies that still discriminate women, but I believe in time that will change as generations step up and make change. I do think some men are still very much living in the past and have their nose put out of joint if their wife earns more than them, but quite frankly they need to remember where they came from and how they entered the world and have some damn respect!!

All of the women I have presented to you today have their own story, their own journey whether their just starting that journey or well into upleveling their success they are all strong determined and stopping at nothing to achieve a better life and a better THEM!

and so we must celebrate our female bodies, our warrior spirits and our respect for one another coz together if we believe in each other we will come to believe in ourselves.

#BreaktheBias #womenforwomen #believeinmebelieveinyou #thementalmummovement #womenempoweringwomen

That’s all from me today, until next week...

Remember to Keep Smiling & Laugh a little Every day!

Your Mental Mum...

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